Michelle Moore

Michelle is an award-winning consultant, educator, strategist and former athlete with over a decade of experience leading initiatives at the intersection of sport and social change. She is a powerful advocate for education and is an expert in sport for social change, diversity and inclusion, education and corporate social responsibility. Michelle works with national and international sports bodies, government and advocacy organisations to achieve sustainable social impact through sports and educational programmes. Michelle played a key role in the London 2012 Olympic Games, developing strategy and creating engagement opportunities for thousands of young people and staff in London schools.

Michelle provides consultancy services for UK and global clients supporting organisations to become high performing and inclusive in their practice. Michelle’s is a sought after speaker, roundtable expert, mentor, coach and facilitator having worked with a diverse client base including The Mayor’s Office, The Commonwealth Games Federation, UNICEF UK, The Black Cultural Archives and in Premier League Football. Michelle recently sat on the funding board for the Mayor’s Community Athletics Fund. Michelle is featured in The Independent ‘50 Most Influential Women in Sport 2015’, won an esteemed Changemaker award in 2015, is the winner of the 2016 UK Precious Award for ‘Outstanding Woman in Sport’ and is listed in the prestigious 2017 Football Blacklist.

Michelle is a trustee for the Runnymede Trust (the UK’s leading Race Equality Think-tank). She also holds a number of executive positions and is the Diversity and Inclusion advisor to the Women’s Sport Trust board working on the advancement of women’s sport. She is also a trustee for the high profile SportsAid organisation.

A recognised connector with a diverse network of athletes and strategic partnerships with public sector and corporate partners, she uses her expertise to harness talent and develop people and organisational potential. Drawing on her experience of creating pioneering sport for development programmes Michelle has helped to strategically support and enhance sport for social change projects that drive student athlete well being, leadership skills and promote gender equality. She is a lecturer on sport and equality and is also a passionate advocate for young people.

Through her thought leadership work Michelle has developed an international portfolio working in collaboration with the University of Texas to deliver an annual international conference exploring ways to combat discrimination in sport. Michelle is recognised for her vision, cross-sector knowledge and creation of new and innovative ways of working to support change in corporate, not for profit and public sector organisations and anti-discriminatory initiatives in sport; where she has received awards for her outstanding contribution.

Her consultancy company, Moore Development provides a number of services including coaching and mentoring, event management, inspirational speaking and specialist consultancy. Michelle has held a range of posts with academic, vocational and community development responsibilities, has worked in premier league football, in primary and secondary education and has years of experience as a senior education advisor in local government.