‘A Question of Performance’ Podcast Interview, 15th October 2016

FullSizeRender As a part of a series of podcasts ‘A Question of Performance’ Tammy Parlour interviewed me. The podcasts include leaders in business, elite athletes & coaches, people who have overcome challenges and those at the top of their game, about what drives, maintains and limits performance in sport, the workplace and life. Tammy Parlour is a Master/5th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Hapkido, having practiced for over 30 years. She is also joint-CEO of a national sports charity which she co-founded following the London Olympics. Our interview discusses sport performance, intersectionality, diversity in the sports industry how a sporting mindset can help achieve success outside of sport. Listen here http://www.aquestionofperformance.com/ep2-michelle-moore-diversity-success-sport/