Kick it Our Raise Your Game Conference, West Ham United Football Club. Career Development Living Boldly Goal Setting Workshop


On Tuesday 28th October an array of leading female figureheads within football offered their unique insights to aspiring mentees seeking opportunities in the football industry.  The day included 1:1 mentoring sessions, careers and sport media workshops.

I delivered a workshop on goal setting, providing students with the tools and guidance on how to set achievable and meaningful goals.  I introduced the workshop by delivering a motivational speech using my own experiences as a starting point.  This then provided the platform where I shared goal setting tools with the group and each individual then took part in a number of interactive activities where they each set their own individual career and personal development goals. The session was also full of top tips about how to get ahead as women working in the sports industry. This was an informative and enjoyable session as evidenced by student feedback:

’The advice about chasing your dreams was spot on, I am already on my way to achieving the goals that I set out for myself’

Thank you for this invaluable advice and for providing me with some essential tools to reach (and achieve) my dreams’

‘I was destined to listen to these wonderful words of motivation and wisdom, thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us’

‘This session was very good for me and I got really excited about how I can make things happen, if I put plans into place’. 

The workshop helped to inspire, motivate, raise confidence levels and provide clarity about goal setting for students.  This new workshop greatly enriched the KIO existing mentoring programme by helping to support students with their own personal development to effectively translate and put into action some of the new information they had learnt from their 1:1 mentoring sessions.